Record Player


Tom Morello - Chimes of Freedom / The Songs of Bob Dylan 

Amnesty International Records

*bass, rhythm guitar 

Sean Lennon & Charlotte Kemp Muhl's GOASTT

Long Gone EP

Chimera Music Records

*lead and rhythm guitar

Joe Russo - Pher Boney

Royal Potato Factory Records

*lead and rhythm guitars, piano, bass synth, writing

Michael Leonhart Orchestra - Suite Extracts Vol. 1 

Sunnyside Records


Mike Dillon - Shoot the Moon 

Royal Potato Factory Records

lead guitars, writing

Family Man - Brave World EP

Sentient Sounds

*bass, keys, guitars, arranging, producer, backing vocals​

Invisible Familiars - Disturbing Wildlife

WeatherVane Music


Chris Harford's Band of Changes - Horn of Plenty

Soul Selects Records

lead and rhythm guitar

Sound of Urchin - Rejoice

Steven Records

*bass, lead and rhythm guitar, writing

Blanc du Blanc - Winds of Change EP

Soul Selects Records

*Guitar, keyboard, arranging, producing

Michael Leonhart Orchestra - Toast of the Nation 

Sunnyside Records


Invisible Familiars - Digger's Invitation

Other Music Records (2015)

*guitars, vocals

Sound of Urchin - The Diamond Deluxe 

Steven Records

*lead and rhythm guitars, xylophone, backing vocals

David Bronson - Questions

Big Arc Records

*bass, guitars

Blanc Du Blanc - Regatta du Blanc du Blanc 

Soul Selects Records

*bass, rhythm and lead guitar, percussion, producer

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